The Gist:

I am your Full Stack, Software Engineer, both passionate and determined to produce viable, maintainable solutions that meet stakeholders needs.

In development, I believe that we must honestly consider our decisions and how they impact our team, the end users, and our organization’s operations. Effective use of best practices and proven software methodologies is the best way to deliver stable solutions on time and budget.

On any given day you are likely to find me:

  • Planning and reviewing development tasks, user stories, and other Scrum oriented workflow items to fuel development,
  • Developing feature branches to meet Sprint objectives and ensure persistent project progression,
  • Providing code reviews, offering feedback, and producing documentation to support my team in their project objectives,
  • Managing Releases, Continuous Integration Configurations, and deployments across multiple environments,
  • Pushing myself to learn new languages, methodologies, and tools to improve the quality and speed of my work,
  • And possibly taking a moment to appreciate when hard work pays off… maybe.

Professional background:

I leveraged my passion for learning and skill with technology to engage my local community through personal ventures, partnership, and collaborations to feed my need to grow. This foundation has proven very helpful in stay organized and communicative as I have work with different teams and clients over the years.


Government, tourism, architecture, manufacturing, retail, nonprofit, marketing, etc. Any excuse to research a new industry is always welcomed.